1st International Workshop of The TsimTsoum Institute

3rd June 2010, Dom Polonii, Rynek Glowny 14, Krakow, Poland

Evidence-based Holistic Approach to Health

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to a launching workshop that will be held on 3rd June 2010 in Krakow, Poland.  

The one-day meeting includes:

1.  Our guest speakers opening lectures & communications

2.  Walking lunch

3.  Discussion & Wrap-Up

4.  Closing Dinner



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Организация серийного производства программно-аппаратных устройств хронодиагностики и биоуправляемой хронофизиотерапии.


7 февраля 2010 года состоялось заседание Бюро проблемной комиссии,

приуроченное к 50-летию Российского университета дружбы народов и 90-летнему юбилею

профессора Ф. Халберга.


На заседании присутствовали: председатель ПК д.м.н., профессор С.И. Рапопорт, заместители председателя д.м.н., профессор В.А. Фролов и д.м.н., профессор С.М. Чибисов, учёный секретарь к.м.н. М.Л. Благонравов.

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Prediabetes is associated with abnormal circadian blood pressure variability

A.K. Gupta, F.L. Greenway, G. Cornelissen, W. Pan and .F Halberg

Prediabetes is associated with abnormal circadian blood pressure variability

Abstract: «Blood pressure (BP) exhibits a circadian variation characterized by a morning increase, followed by a small postprandial valley and a deeper descent during nocturnal rest. Although abnormal 24-h variability (abnormal circadian variability (ACV)) predicts adverse cardiovascular disease (CVD) outcomes, a 7-day automatic ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM) and subsequent chronobiologic analysis of the gathered data, permits identification of consistency of any abnormal circadian variation. To test whether normal overweight healthy men and women with prediabetes differed from subjects with normoglycemia in having ACV with a 7-day ABPM…»


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